Authentic Streetwear & Urbanwear Clothing

We’re an unashamed OG of the Aussie streetwear scene. Born in Perth in ‘94, Live’s been fitting out Australia’s finest with high-end looks for more than a quarter of a century. We were kicking it way before online became a thing. In fact, if you see a 90s throwback look released today, chances are that we released it onto the streets the first time around.

Our job is to fit you out with high-quality streetwear that’s inspired as opposed to derived. Original and authentic, our collections are curated so you only spend time browsing clothing you’d actually consider. We don’t want you to infinitely scroll through thousands of t-shirts and dresses, your time’s more important than that. We’re not just online either, visit any of our stores in Perth to see our whole collection. Our staff can help you to construct the perfect outfit for your weekend.

Whether you’re after urbanwear-inspired men’s tees, a cocktail dress that proudly shows off your figure, vintage sportswear, distressed denim or sporty hoodies, you’re in the right company. Streetwear and urbanwear brands we choose to work with include European labels Ellesse, Siksilk, Carrera and Polaroid, as well as equally respected Australian brands such as Nana Judy, Silent Theory, TWIIN, MinkPink, Billini and Glamazon.